Four Lions Trailer

There was a brief glimpse of Chris Morris’ first feature film a few months ago here:

But now we have a full trailer to marvel at (which isn’t as funny as the above clip, but hopefully it suffers from trailer-syndrome):

It’s going to be controversial, not just because it’s Chris Morris, but because it’s mean to do for Islamic fundamentalists what Dad’s Army did for Nazis (paraphrased quotation).

Do not mistake this for a haphazard project.  Morris has been working on this for over 4 years now and has interviewed and compiled his information from all over the country and beyond.

However, I can’t see any way it can work, the subject is simply too raw.  Despite that, anything which highlights the stupidity of fundamentalism is a step in the right direction.  And hopefully, in a few decades or so, it’ll seem as timid as Life of Brian does now.


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