Bill Hicks Movie/Documentary/MINDWARP

When Empire Strikes Back usurped Jedi as my favourite film ever (about 13 years old) a whole new world of films materialised before me.  Sure, I’d heard of most of them – but my capacity to fully appreciate has been previously absent.

Such an event happened in music too.  Round about 15 years old, The Bends became no more, Kid A winning that particular weekend’s ‘best album ever’ choice.  I would line up all of my CDs and arrange them to preference.  I didn’t go out much and I was scared that the amount I masturbated was effecting the size of my huriafog74tq@£4$hagru

These pivotal moments elevate one’s taste to the next level, refining them to a superior quality.  Some time in the first year of University, this happened with comedy – I finally understood Bill Hicks.  It was a revelation and one that hasn’t been tainted with my experiences of more risqué comics or time in general.  He seems to be perpetually relevant, and his outlook encapsulated all the rage I never knew I had.  It’s as if he sat me down, and in his Arizonan twang said, “You should be angry about these things”, not in a pressing way, but in how Plato would casually point out, “Mate, why you staring at the back of that cave?”  He never told jokes or anecdotes, he told truths – scary truths about our terrifying world – and he did so with supreme confidence and conviction.  He was more a preacher than stand-up.

Which is why a documentary about the man is such an exciting prospect.  I always thought everyone knew about him, and I was the ignorant latecomer, but from Quint’s review of the film at Ain’t It Cool News it seems some still have yet to discover.  American: The Bill Hicks Story can only help spread the message.

It was screened at SXSW last night and apparently went down very well.  The trailer gives more of an idea of the documentary’s style (embedded below, but isn’t amazing), which seems to be a cross between archive footage and animated photos with interview audio.  Bill Hicks’ close family and friends were all involved in the project, so it shall hopefully be a pretty faithful representation of the man himself.


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