Holst?…Nasa?…HD FOOTAGE!?

The uber-geek inside me, the one that isn’t that well hidden, can’t stop fidgeting.  The Barbican are hosting the Houston Symphony (sexy tie-in) orchestra to perform Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’.  Cherry on top?  A huge, HD projection of NASA exploration footage.

Bad side though.  It’s happening all the way in October.  I don’t think I can hold this erection that long…oh wait, a trailer.  When I play any of the pieces inside my mind, I get a weird mashup of an old Hovis commercial and Jurassic Park, which might be, oh, I don’t know, the pinnacle of human imagination.  Nonetheless, the experience should help cement the music to some potentially spectacular images, and I won’t have to picture a dinosaur on a bicycle with bread under his arm in the North somewhere, again…

The power of today’s telescope technology would have been unimaginable for Holst back in 1917, but a project involving the Houston Symphony, NASA, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and producer/ director Duncan Copp will link Holst’s vivid musical vision with high-definition images of our solar system that the composer could only have dreamed of seeing.


One response to “Holst?…Nasa?…HD FOOTAGE!?

  1. With that music, I get Rugby World Cup coverage in my head.

    Definitely like to see this, though.

    And that Hovis advert? Directed by a bloke called Ridley Scott. Whatever happened to him?

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