Buried (release date has been, well, released)

I remember Lars von Trier once saying in an interview that every director’s ultimate dream is to make a film simply about one man in a room.  Or in his case, I suppose he would opt for a woman.  He hates them

Anyhow, I read about the film ‘Buried’ when it premiered late one night at Sundance earlier this year.  It echoes von Trier’s cinematic grail, centring on a private contractor who has been buried alive in Iraq.  He has 90 minutes of air left (which, in PAL, translates at around 87), and only has access to a lighter and a mobile phone.  I’ve read so many positives about the film; from the quality of Ryan Renolds’ performance to the sheer innovation of the camera – something pretty essential considering the ENTIRE film takes place inside the coffin.

It immediately sparked a bidding war, quickly being picked up by Lionsgate the very next day.  They’ve just announced the release date (which I think may be the American one) as September 24th, 2010.

Here’s the trailer to make you as excited as I am…

I don’t think the film is shot like a mobile phone throughout, which I consider a shame.  Sally Potter already let me down on that one [see: the crisp HD of Rage].

I only fear it may be too ripe for the Orange Wednesday chaps to spoof.


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